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World Magnetic Model 2015 Google spreadsheet Application

The WMM Google spreadsheet allows user to calculate declination values for mutiple points. The user may upload a file with location, altitude and date information to this spreadsheet. The user needs only a google account and a browser to use this application and it works on any operating systems. You do not have to install any extensions and the technique will work just fine in the web and mobile version of Google Drive. The multithread processing of spreadsheet calculations are very fast.

Setting the Stage

If you would like to set it up for your Google Drive, all you need is a minute. Just follow these easy steps:

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Behind the Scene

Here's how the program works. The spreadsheet function GetWMM calls a javascript version of the World Magnetic Model. You can see this script by going to Tools -> script editor. You may customize the calculator by tweaking the script. The program runs on Google servers - not on your computer. We have not noticed any daily limit on the calculations - but you might hit a limit if you calculate millions of points per day!

Manoj Nair

Last modified: Wednesday, 12-Dec-2014 10:22:11 MST